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Connecticut illustrator Carly Janine Mazur works traditionally to bring to life her vision of a solitary world. Her paintings evoke a sense of intimacy within the viewer, inviting you in with solid composition juxtaposed against fine rendering. Carly's subject matter focuses on the hauntingly rendered human figure within a minimalistic, yet harsh space to touch upon peoples' reclusive relationship with their environment. Primarily a gallery illustrator, Carly's artwork has been hung in venues across the country. She works continually to express her visceral interpretations of myth, folk tales, and her own personal observations and experiences. A devotee of balance, Carly's style is achieved through her love of the soft fluidity of oil paint, and in contrast, the harsh lines and textures acrylic paints can produce.
Name: Carly Mazur 
Joined: October 2013
Projects: Always continuing to paint, working to get my pieces upon the walls of collectors and galleries! I have a Youtube channel, Carly Paints, where you can find speed-painting videos archived for your viewing pleasure. New videos are uploaded every Teusday and Friday! Youtube: I also live-stream on as ladymazur. Come paint with me between 7pm and 9pm EST! Twitch:
Location: Shelton, Connecticut

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