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About Gwenevere Singley

I am an illustrator, comic artist, and animator with a love of rambling and sketching whatever catches my eye. I hail from the back woods of Vermont, but currently reside in a book-and-sketch-filled den in Brooklyn, NY, from whence I frequently venture forth on expeditions to explore and hunt for sketching opportunities. The dual influences of woodland and urban surroundings is the likely cause of my passion for combining the beautiful and absurd, the chaotic and the precise, with a pervasive touch of baroque extravagance over all.

I have always been fascinated by making things and telling stories, and my career has rambled down a variety of paths and has allowed me to experiment in a broad range of storytelling forms, from comics to interactive media.

I graduated Parsons School of Design with a BFA in Illustration in 1995, and subsequently worked for many years as lead artist at Vanguard Media Inc. For over the past fifteen years I have worked as an independent artist, illustrator, and animator. To keep myself sane (or otherwise,) I also create a weekly webcomic to catch the overflow of fanciful notions that don't fit anywhere else.

Clients have included HIT Entertainment, Scholastic, AAAS, Channel Thirteen, Time Inc., Simon and Schuster, Macmillan Digital, American Airlines, Lockheed Martin, Kimberly-Clark, Ernst and Young, Bernstein Philanthropy, and the Asia Society.

Name: Gwenevere Singley 
Joined: March 2014

Ongoing Weekly Webcomic, "The Wayward Queen"

Location: Brooklyn, NY

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