Infected By Art Book - Volume 6

Natasa Ilincic

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Artist: Natasa Ilincic


Nataša Ilinčić is an illustrator and fine artist with a home somewhere in between Italy, Scotland and Croatia.
Mythology, folklore and the untold depths of human emotion drive her inspiration, always with a keen eye on natural elements.
Her weapon of choice is watercolour, often mixed with acrylics, ink, pastels and a touch of digital painting.

Her works have been published in books (The Illuminated Edda), magazine (Circle Magazine, The Celtic Connection, Vølse), cardgames (Gulveig) and exhibited at various festivals and exhibitions.
Designer behind Beltane’s poster for the Edinburgh Fire Festival 2015, she occasionally creates art on commission for private clients, from paintings to tattoo designs.


Name: Natasa Ilincic 
Joined: April 2016

Illustrator and Fine Artist

Location: Italia

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