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Iíve been a professional artist of some kind all of my adult life. Itís been an eclectic ride. I studied stage design at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh, earning an MFA in costume design. I worked with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History, Pittsburgh, on their dinosaur model line for many years, gaining a more rigorous sense of how critters work. Add liturgical murals, a lifelong love of myth and folklore, a stint making sea-life prototypes for Monterey Bay Aquarium, a remarkable artist mother, a book-filled life, and somehow you end up with the world I work to create now. Iíve been pursuing my own vision of mythic beings since around 2001, and have been lifted up by the vigorous imaginative realism and fantasy art world we are fortunate to enjoy now. The Golden Age of Kay Nielsen and Arthur Rackham were my childhood loves, and I feel we have something of a fantastic renaissance today. Iím thrilled to be a part of it!
Name: Forest Rogers 
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I'm experimenting with new combinations of materials, hoping to achieve effects I've not yet seen.

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