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Beatrice Pelagatti

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About Beatrice Pelagatti

I'm an italian freelance artist.
I work since 5 years with clients as Paizo, Kobold Press, Legenday Games, Jon Brazer Enterprises, Wayward Rogues Publishing and periodically illustrate for the magazine Wayfinder. I've been the Art Director and concept artist at Potato Killer Studio for the MMORPG "Land of Britain" and "Fangold". In the past I also painted for Lost Sphere Publishing, Studio Shadow for Eos Sama, Ufo Edizioni(colorist) and drew the illustrations for a 2D videogame for children with Esimple for Ferrari.
My cloack design for a contest in 2014, was select as"runner up" and Tryon made it available in the videogame Rift.
In my free time I like to paint with traditional mediums, expecially oils, gouche and watercolors, and study what I can to grow my skills. When I'm not drawing I love to play RPG or boardgame, drink tons of thè and play with her two cats.
I think artist's role is to open a door on fantastic words for those who seek them, so this is my goal with my work: help people to live their adventures and fuel their own imagination.
Name: Beatrice Pelagatti 
Joined: March 2014
Location: Italia

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