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Originally hailing from a tiny farming town in Wisconsin and now transplanted to Washington State, I've literally chased my dream of making monsters across the country. I specialize in creature concept and design with a strong basis in biology and horror. While I create many of these creatures for various indie game companies, I've been developing a method of combining my creature designs with my traditional medium techniques to create my own personal portfolio of work. These designs I am currently bringing to shows across the country and amassing into several monster themed books in the hopes of being a top creature creator in the art field.
Name: Audre Schutte 
Joined: December 2015
Projects: Art Awards/Publishing published in 'Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Drawing' by 3DTotal (2019) published in 'Spectrum 26' (2019) published in 'Infected by Art: Vol. 6' (2018) published in 'Not so Tiny Dragons Art Book' (2018) published in 'Tiny Dragons Art Book' (2018) self-published through Kickstarter 'Creatures & Creepies: the Monster Art of Charamath' (2017) published in 'Sketching from the Imagination: Creatures & Monsters' (2019) Projects: Dark Mythos: Creatures of World Mythology (coming December 2019) Concept artist on Dead Static Drive Concept artist on Zafir: Tactical RPG Concept artist on Ello Hell from Exato Games Lead Concept Artist on 'The Lost Age' from Thumos Games Lead Artist at Ink Forged Games on these games: Creature Chaos, Card Chaos, Cosmic Explorer: Red Shift, Creature Chaos: the Dragon Lords, Creature Chaos Pocket Edition Concept artist on 'Soul Saga' from Disaster Cake
Location: Mountlake Terrace, WA

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