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Artist: Anthony Christou


Artist: Anthony Christou


Anthony Christou is an Australian Illustrator, Fine Artist and Graphic Novelist based in Adelaide, South Australia. Anthony has been a practising artist since 2009. He was awarded a Masters of Art and Design by the University of South Australia. Anthony creates concept art, fine art and illustration for projects in the film, video game and comic book industry. He has been exhibiting his artwork since 2012 at every major comic convention from two to fourteen shows per year and a major exhibitor at all pop culture events in Australia. His original art and digital paintings have been exhibited in art galleries in South Australia, including the Royal South Australian Society of Arts, The Gallery and Chancery Lane Gallery. The genres Anthony works on include: fantasy, science fiction, mythology fairy tales and horror. The main series that Anthony Christou is constantly working on and developing is the Luminous Ages art, comic and card games series since 2015.

His comics and art work express themes of multiculturalism, diversity and environmentalism. He particularly has a passion for animals and the environment and loves to express environmental issues in his art and comics. He is known for bringing together digital painting and traditional painting and pushing the boundaries of fine art and illustration.

Name: Anthony Christou 
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Luminous Ages explores themes of multiculturalism and environmentalism and also has the first vegan wizards! The graphic novel is the second highest funded graphic novel on Kickstarter for Australia in 2018. Anthony in 2019-2020 is developing a new party games titled "Runes the Artefacts" for Luminous Ages. He is also in the process of developing a large body of artwork and stories for Luminous Ages. This artwork and mini stories will be accumulated into his largest art book that ties in with his past graphic novel. The book is LUMINOUS LORE a hard cover art bible.

Anthony is known for his work on the video game “The Path of Exile”, the independent comic “The Adventures of Lighting Rod” and his work on “Disney Worlds” for the Nintendo DS.

He has also been published on the Book “How to draw dragons made easy” by Flame Tree Publishing. In 2018, he was also published on “Tiny Dragons” published by the Art Order (Jon Shchindehette the art director of Wizards of the Coast).

He has also been published in the world’s best-selling magazine for digital artists Imagine FX in 2014 and scheduled to be published again in late 2018.

Location: Australia

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