Secrets by Annette Hassell

Secrets Artwork by Annette Hassell
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Art Details

Title: Secrets
Date Created: 2017
Copyright: ©
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Acrylic
Views: 247
Posted: 10/20/2018

About the Artist

Annette Hassell
Member Since December 2014

Projects: By day, I' m a scenic artist-which means that I paint sets for t.v.shows, and backdrops for plays, and other things that other people have designed. It' s nice to make a living painting anything, admittedly, but whenever I can, I do my own artwork, from my own ideas. I paint still lifes ( well...kinda), and portraits (of creatures animal and human) and I love to paint illustrations of my own stories, which so far, exist only in my mind.

Location: Los Angeles, CA USA

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