Inner Demons by Doug Hoppes

Jury voting begins on December 10, 2019.

Inner Demons Artwork by Doug Hoppes
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Jury voting begins on December 10, 2019.

Art Details

Title: Inner Demons
Date Created: 3/23/2019
Copyright: © ShadowMyths
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Oils
Views: 18
Posted: 9/10/2019

About the Artist

Doug Hoppes
Member Since November 2013

Projects: Doug’s fantasy work has been juried in various volumes of Infected By Art. In addition, as a freelance artist, Doug has created unique creature designs for various game companies and cover art for graphic novels.

Location: Hillsborough, NC

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Oracle Meaning: There exist within us a powerful force that controls us and our actions. This force is shaped by our experiences and the armor that build up around us for protection. If we are lucky, we can expunge those inner demons and cleanse our souls. People around us will immediately notice the change in behavior. The hard part is to determine what parts of our souls that we can cleanse and what part is necessary for us to exist in this world.

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