Release by Susan Shorter

Release  Artwork by Susan Shorter
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Title: Release
Date Created: 10/01/19
Copyright: © Susan Shorter
Genre: Unpublished Art
Mediums: Graphite Pencil
Views: 173
Posted: 10/16/2019

About the Artist

Susan Shorter
Member Since November 2014

Projects: I am constantly working on new Children' s Books at the office. Outside of that work, I am always working on new fantasy pieces, and listening to 1fw podcasts.

Location: Spencer, Indiana

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With this piece, I let the character lead the pencil, and it became a dreamlike one of releasing emotion. The wind that is blowing her hair, is also blowing back a couple tears across her face. But her face is strong, resilient, determined.... the forms in front of her are the energy she is releasing, she is freeing herself of some emotional anchor. It is said that if the flamingo appears either in your waking life or in your dream, it means that you should release your emotions and let them be your guidance in life. So, it made perfect sense for them to be accompanying her on this spiritual journey.

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