Lilith by Penny Collins

Lilith Artwork by Penny Collins
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Title: Lilith
Date Created: 06/2019
Copyright: © RegardingComic
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Ink, Colored Pencil
Views: 35
Posted: 12/5/2019

About the Artist

Penny Collins
Member Since November 2018

Projects: All rabbits all the time.

Location: Sylvania, Ohio, USA

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The Hare, Lilith, like the mythological Lilith, represents the wild in all of us. The wild offers us the freedom to be our true selves -- iving in the cover of the forest tapping into who we really are. The subconscious. This self allows us to set boundaries without guilt. However, it has its shadow: Hunted, hungry, darkness, fear, lost (yearning for the domestic).

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