Ursula's Hope by Lauren A Mills

Jury voting begins on December 12, 2020.

Ursula's Hope Artwork by Lauren A Mills
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Jury voting begins on December 12, 2020.

Art Details

Title: Ursula's Hope
Date Created: 2020
Copyright: © Lauren A Mills
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 22
Posted: 9/11/2020

About the Artist

Lauren A Mills
Member Since November 2017

Projects: I am currently writing middle grade and young adult fantasy novels and working on a series of Faerie Botanica books.

Location: Ashfield, MA

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"Ursula's Hope", Oil on board, 18 x 14 inches. Ursula is the Latin name for a little "she-bear. In this painting a young girl with wild hair holds a bear cub, both looking lost and vulnerable before a storm, but the bear cub looks up at her hopefully. It is the children of the world who will inherit all the human damage to wild habitats, the climate crisis and the extinction of many species. There are many fairy tales of humans shape-shifting into bears, and in this piece I see them as sisters trying to navigate the world together.

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