Speedpaint of Agnitha and the Beast by Simul Art

Speedpaint of Agnitha and the Beast Artwork by Simul Art
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Title: Speedpaint of Agnitha and the Beast
Date Created: November 2016
Copyright: © Simul (D.C Waud & Bela Maroti)
Genre: Fantasy
Mediums: Oils
Views: 178
Posted: 11/28/2016

About the Artist

Simul Art
Member Since November 2014

Projects: Darren Waud has long been working on a novel from a personal series titled "Our Falling Kingdoms." Most of the images depicted of humans and animals come from the heart of our personal universe, and we hope to continue forward in creating more and more images from our world. Both Darren and Bela want our characters to continue to be prevalent in our work -- probably until the day we die. "Our Falling Kingdoms" is a world where there is interaction between anthromorphs and humans--- we love this. We love bringing these moments to life. We believe our audience can sympathize/empathize with the animals in our world as well as sympathize with the human characters. Other future projects besides book publishing will be in graphic novel format.

Location: Michigan

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A snapshot of the antagonist from our fictional universe. 1.5 hours on 12x16 board.

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