Come In by Brendan Purchase

Come In Artwork by Brendan Purchase
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Title: Come In
Date Created: 07.07.2017
Copyright: © Copyright Brendan Purchase
Genre: Horror
Mediums: Ink, Pen, Photoshop
Views: 208
Posted: 12/7/2017

About the Artist

Brendan Purchase
Member Since November 2017

Location: Norwich (UK)

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Horror is about many things. But more than anything itís about tension. The way you know that the moment will strike. Thereís a certain inevitability. The murderer is in the house. Blade in hand. The victim walks unknowingly into a trap. Not if but when. Itís something we encounter as children in the pantomime. When the villain is harassing our protagonist the audience points and screams the words Ė itís behind you Ė whilst a feigned misdirection is delivered from the stage.

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