Infected by Art Announces New Publisher, Online Store Discount & More

Posted On: 7/18/2017 3:40:00 PM


Infected by Art Volume 5 is about to be sent off to the printer so we felt it is a great time to update you on several important announcements. To begin, we're excited to announce that Infected by Art will now be published by Jon Schindehette of ArtOrder LLC. Working with ArtOrder® offers us the chance to work with a publisher who has been active in the imaginative realism genre of publishing, product development, and art direction for many years. With Jon's experience, we're confident IBA can be taken to another level of excellence. We're very grateful for the effort from Hermes Press on the last 3 volumes, as they helped us establish the professional quality that the book now exemplifies. 
We've spent the last several months working with ArtOrder on IBA 5's design, and they've implemented several design updates that we're very excited about. We're confident you're going to appreciate all the work that's gone into this new edition of Infected by Art. As part of the design process with ArtOrder, we also selected the image to grace the cover to IBA 5, and we're proud to announce that Rob Rey's beautiful oil painting 'Source' was selected. Rob's artwork has been in the last 3 volumes of IBA and he was our second place grand prize winner in IBA 4. We're pleased to be able to award him this volume's Cover Award!
With the change of publisher, we also needed to update our website to allow us to handle ongoing online books sales. A new online store has been set up at where you can purchase all past volumes of Infected by Art, including some of our early limited editions. We've reduced the price of past volumes in anticipation of our upcoming pre-sale on IBA 5 once it is sent to the printer later this month, and we created a $10 off promo code that will be in effect until August 1. Just enter 10$OFF when you checkout to get the discount.
The submission period for Infected by Art Volume 6 will begin late in August as usual. We've received confirmations from our jury panel and will make an announcement in early August regarding the submission and jury timelines.
Finally, we're creating an IX dust jacket edition this year similar to last years. We're providing free IX dust jacket editions to every main show and showcase exhibitor, so if you're an artist due a comp copy of IBA 5 and you're exhibiting or attending IX 10 in October, you'll get the special IX dust jacket edition at the show. IBA will also be set up at IX 10 on the main floor near registration with copies of the new IX edition available for purchase, along with limited quantities of IBA 1-4 available as well.
As always, thank you for supporting Infected by Art!
Bill Cox
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