IX Gallery - David Palumbo Opening August 15

Posted On: 8/1/2017 10:40:00 AM

Only two weeks remain in the IX Gallery Inaugural Show! The nearly 120 pieces on exhibit in the Inaugural Show will be live through August 14th, so now is your last chance to not let that "can't live without" piece get away!
On August 15th, we will launch our next show - David Palumbo: RITUAL, featuring David's breathtaking personal world. Here is his description of the RITUAL series:
The Ritual series depicts ceremonial practices of a fictional culture living in a world outside of modern, industrialized society. The scenes are non-sequential from one image to the next, instead telling their story as a series of vignettes which connect through common themes rather than a traditional narrative. These themes most often touch on issues such as trust, inner strength, belonging in a community, and acknowledgment of how much we do not know about ourselves or those that we are close to. The series also has a heavy exhibitionist/voyeuristic subtext which ties into the above mentioned themes.
Images in the Ritual series most often feature a mix of shrouded and nude or partially nude figures. The use of costuming carries symbolic meaning, at times being a contrast of openness versus being guarded, togetherness versus isolation, and often relating to one's self-awareness. Figures are frequently hooded, blindfolded, or otherwise obscuring their faces in ways that imply anonymity, lack of knowledge, or withholding inner motives or feelings.
The images in my Ritual series almost always begin as visual impressions and emotional impulses. I imagine the world, the landscape, and the figures, and I watch to see what they do until the right moment arrives. My conception of these images is rooted more in discovering the story than telling it.
In this way, each new painting evolves the series to bring me closer to understanding how the pieces fit together. As the themes emerge and unfold, I often know they're “right” before I know what they mean, and it's while I'm actually painting them that I meditate on what deeper truths they are revealing.

Below are two new, never-before-seen pieces from David's RITUAL series as a special preview for IX Gallery mailing list patrons. Enjoy, and be sure to check out the full show when it goes live at 8 pm EST on August 15th!
16 x 20 inches, oil on panel. 2017. $3000
16 x 20 inches, oil on panel. 2017. $3000




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