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Dymond Starr Austin

Member Since November 2013

Fantasy / Scifi nerd, thrill seeking adventuress, console wielding gamer, never stop learning digital and traditional painter.


CurrentlyFreelanc Concept Artist for Bolder Gamers

Game Develper / Concept Artist, since Feb 2014, at Fuhu, aka Nabi Tablet, the kids educational game tablet!

Contract artwork at Lynnel Art to Form, a company providing abstract art work to print large format on glass in architectural environments.

Graduate from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design, April 2013.
Interned at Dire Wolf Digital May 2013 - November 2013. 

Name: Dymond Starr Austin 
Joined: November 2013

CardArt for ElderScrolls: Legends, online trading card game.
And work under NDA.

Location: Colorado, USA

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