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I was forged in the treacherous hills of Loveland, CO on an especially dangerous evening in July ‘86. It wasn’t long before I became self aware and began my quest for artistic supremacy. I waged battle through the dungeons of high school, vanquishing my enemies with an eight foot tall painting of Hell itself...and also a car...I painted my friend’s car. I emerged from the dungeon only to discover I was not prepared for the terrors of professional freelance illustration. I sought out masters of illustration to train under and hone my skills. Sensei Victoria Lisi trained me in the fundamentals of Art-doku within the dojo of Aims Community College. Once I was ready I moved to more challenging foes at The University of Northern Colorado Art School. It was there that I encountered a terrific adversary, Master of illustration and fine art, Sieger Hartgers. He broke my of my horribly flawed anatomy and sharpened my skills as a draftsman.


It was difficult, but I was finally ready to take on the world of professional freelance illustration….okay, so I was sort of ready two years before I graduated since that’s when I started working on art for Heroes’ Tears...But I was even more ready than that! A truly epic level of readiness.

It’s now time to slay the dragons I’ve had my eye on for so many years. Pencil, brush, and wacom pen in hand, I ride my Rabburtle (part rabbit, part turtle...listen, I draw fantasy creatures all day, it can’t just be a horse...c’mon...) steed, fearless, into the unknown.

Name: Preston Stone 
Joined: April 2014
  • Heroes' Tears RPG [Knight Errant Games] 
  • Romance of the Nine Empires, Legend of the Five Rings [AEG] 
  • Law of Realities [Matt Kuhn, Kickstarter comic book]
  • Lord of the Rings: The Wastes of Eriador, Call of Cthulhu: The Thousand Young [Fantasy Flight Games]
Location: United States

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