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When I first started, drawing was a quiet quest to grasp the essence of beauty. It turned into a search for meaningful representation. When the images in my head were not the same as the ones I created on paper, I realized there is a more powerful way to use and evoke imagination. I wish to hint at, rather than give away complete visions. I want to engage the viewer in the process of connecting the dots.
I entered the world of symbolism, decisive ink-work and subtle colors. My motivation is a lifelong interest in psychology. I aim to create decorative and intellectually stimulating work in the fields of editorial and publishing illustration, children’s books, surface design and greeting cards. I want to create portals back into childhood, where “All children, as long as they still live in the mystery, are continuously occupied in their souls with the only thing that is important, which is themselves and their enigmatic relationship to the world around them”. (Herman Hesse, “Iris”)  My aim is to point to the soul (dusza in Polish), where audience is free to become a part of my work through the act of interpretation.
Name: Magdalena Szymaniec 
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