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Stefanie Odendahl

Member Since June 2015


Artist: Stefanie Odendahl


My name is Stefanie Odendahl and I'm an illustrator and designer living with my two adorable tomcats in Bielefeld, Germany.


I have always been a passionate painter and consider myself an artist for most of my life. Originally I started out as a graphic designer, but after a few years I decided it was time to follow my dreams and become an illustrator.


Since I started to learn how to draw in 2009 and to paint digitally in 2010 I'm constantly improving my skills. With some help of my friends, the internet and several workshops I'm mainly self taught.




Name: Stefanie Odendahl 
Joined: June 2015

My published work includes:


· var. Illustrations for the German roleplaying magazine Mephisto

· designs, illustrations and concepts for the boardgame Ufo: Defense Protocol, Role & Stratégie Editions, France

· illustrations for adfc Bielefeld – the Bielefeld section of the german bicycle club

· concept illustrations for Dr. Oetker Professional on behalf of friends Design & Kommunikation

· with my earlier more abstract work I have been participating in exhibitions in Germany and Austria

Location: Germany

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