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Debra Knealing

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Artist: Debra Knealing


Artist: Debra Knealing


Debra Knealing is an illustrator and fine artist who works in magical realism. A fabulist, she believes that humans are, at their core, storytellers. That we comprehend the world through cognition, relying on a complex system of symbolism, layered and nested, that creates meaning. It means that our reality is full of the stuff of magic. That we crave more than facts, that we long for mythology, and that time turns everything to fiction.

She's trying to learn to make the paint beautiful.

Returning to school to gain her degree in Fine Arts at midlife, she has been many things over the years including an engineer, a 3D artist, a writer of prose and poetry, a songwriter and musician and a fashion designer.

While she works mostly in oils, she also produces digital work and hybrid multimedia pieces.

Name: Debra Knealing 
Joined: September 2016
Location: Sioux City, Iowa, USA

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