Infected By Art Book - Volume 6

shannon ortberg

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Here we find the bizarre dreams of a dented mind splayed out on paper for all to see.  The constructor of these imaginings uses all forms of media to capture those tormentors of the night and free up mental capacity for more peaceful perusings, like... swimming in macaroni and cheese.  During the daytime, when not drawing spectres of sleep, this artist assumes the role of parent to four beautiful and extremely creative daughters as well as working a full time job for the major shipping company that may not be named.  Thank you for your perusal.  ;-)

Name: shannon ortberg 
Joined: October 2017

Illustrations for authors Mark Engles and Willam Alan Webb, inks for black and white comic Arkansas's Worst by Will Collins, The Haunted Dreams Kickstarter.

Location: Memphis, TN

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