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Simon Raskina

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Artist: Simon Raskina


Artist: Simon Raskina


Artist: Simon Raskina


About Simon Raskina

My name is Simon Raskina. I am a professional working artist from Toronto, Canada. I have been painting and creating traditional artwork for over 13 years now. My work has been exhibited in New York, Denver, LA and Toronto. I have showcased my fantasy backgrounds, characters and illustrations at Toronto Comic Con, Fan Expo Canada and Tabletop Gaming Expo. I am a traditional artist and work primarily in oils, acrylics and watercolours.  


Aside from being a professional working artist, I am also an art teacher at a private studio in Toronto teaching all ages of students. 


I have been an avid lover of adventure games, fantasy art, movies, and table top games especially D&D.  

Name: Simon Raskina 
Joined: October 2018

Fan Expo Canada 2018 Artist Alley

Solo Exhibition McKay Art Centre, Toronto, Canada

Elixir of Nature (Group), Agora Gallery, New York, NY

Promotional Card Art created for Genesis Battle of Champions TCG

Location: Toronto, Canada

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