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Brad Krause is mostly a native of Wisconsin, moving here from Michigan via Minnesota when he was 13 in 1974.

He didn’t start doing art until he was 16, and is self-taught in all aspects of picture-making.

After 3 years in the U.S. army (1982 - 1985), he attended U.W. LaCrosse, and then graduated from U.W. Eau Claire with a degree in graphic design in 1988.

About this time he switched from acrylic, oil, pencil, ink and watercolor to Airbrush, as he took a long series of menial art production jobs from ’88 to’96.


In 1996 he bought his first computer with the express intention to create illustration using 3d, since the focus of his work had always been volumetric shapes in believable space. This gradually raised his computer expertise in 3d and other programs, and from 1996 to 2004 his primary work focus was 3d illustration and animation. During this period, no traditional art of any kind was done, but 2 children were born.


In 2004, due in part to a gift from a late relative, it was possible to quit full-time employment and work as a freelance illustrator and animator, and this is what he did from 2004 until 2015. During this time he co-founded the Milwaukee Animation Group.


Around 2012, Brad Krause began painting and drawing again, after discovering that digital illustration and animation were not fulfilling the personal creative aspects that motivated him to become an artist in the first place.


He now works full-time as an animator and editor at Epic Creative. He has been in a number of shows over the last 3 years, including at Art Works Gallery in Kenosha, Bridgetown Gallery in Wauwatosa, Hot Pop in Milwaukee, and he has won awards from The Wisconsin Museum of Art in West Bend and Walkers Point Center for The Arts member shows.


He lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Name: Brad Krause 
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