Pliosaur by james herrmann

Pliosaur Artwork by james herrmann
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Title: Pliosaur
Date Created: 7/2003
Copyright: © J. M. Herrmann
Genre: Sci Fi
Mediums: Bronze, Sculpture
Views: 129
Posted: 11/18/2017

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james herrmann
Member Since November 2015

Projects: I am currently working on a large orientally inspired dragon sculpture, a series of small figurative warrior sculptures inspired by way too much time playing Dungeons and Dragons the first of which was the sculpture "Calor", and a soaring griffon sculpture. I have just completed a commission for the Cincinnati Museum of Natural History's new permanent dinosaur exhibit which opened to the general public in November 2018 featuring six bronze dinosaur sculptures corresponding to some of the dinosaur skeletons on exhibit along with eight bronze reproductions of footprints, jaws, claws, teeth and bones.

Location: hamilton ohio

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"Pliosaur" is a my sculpture from a day in the warm, shallow oceans of the Mesozoic in North America. A short necked pliosaur or plesiosaur pursues a school of fish around a rocky reef. Pliosaurs ranged in size from 4-15 meters in length with their appearance and size probably as variable as their diet. "Pliosaur" is made from cast bronze on a limestone base with a blue patina for the pliosaur and a more traditional brown patina for the rocky reef and school of fish. "Pliosaur " is 12"H x 14"W x 10"D.

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